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    Average Cost of an Extension

    The average cost of an extension is between £1,000-2,000 per square metre. However, that figure can change depending on a whole range of factors. Expanding your home gives you more choice for your space than perhaps any other improvement. Your new extension could be anything, and you’ll have an almost limitless choice in how you create the room of your dreams.

    But what makes the cost of an extension climb? For a start, the design can play a role in the price. If you opt for a larger extension or perhaps a double-storey build, then you’ll pay more depending on how big it is. However, the costs of parts actually go down per square metre the larger the build becomes, meaning it can be worth your while.

    Other factors can affect the average cost of an extension, too. For example, prices can vary by 30% simply depending on where you live. Additionally, factors like the soil you build on, the amount of glazing you add, and your build’s purpose can all add to the cost. Because of this, you may be wondering how you keep the cost of an extension under control.

    However, there is one way you can. With trusted, local installers from the Conservatory Online Prices network, you can get a quality extension for less. You’ll be able to personalise the design to suit your budget as well as your needs, and you’ll get an efficient, secure and bright new build. And, by comparing prices online using our network, you’ll extend your home for much less!

    When you search through Conservatory Online Prices for your new extension, you could save up to 40% on your quote. Not only that, but you’ll make finding those conservatory prices quicker than ever in a few simple steps. Get in touch today to find out more!

    cost of an extension

    What is the Average Cost of an Extension?

    In the UK, the average cost of an extension starts from around £1,000 per square metre. However, that will usually only pay for a cheaper design. While you’ll save money initially, cheaper house extensions often don’t last as long as quality designs. Not only that, they can suffer from poor thermal efficiency, meaning that they might not be as comfortable as you’d like.

    Because of this, you may end up having to pay more for an extension that truly benefits your home. For an extension of good quality, prices start from around £1,700, although prices can rise to £2,500 or above per square metre. While that might seem like a big jump, the added cost is more than worth it. You’ll get a space that performs brilliantly for a lifetime to come.

    High-quality modern house extensions are highly durable, long-lasting and thermally efficient. You’ll get robust brickwork, cladding or other materials that are fully weatherproof, preventing wind and water damage. You can benefit from unique features like bi-fold doors, customisable roofing and even features like exposed timber or brickwork supports, all of which keep you warm.

    Not only that, a better house extension can raise the value of your property more. With a high-quality, long-lasting extension, buyers might make higher offers, meaning you could move into an even better home if you decide you want to go somewhere new. Also, there are several other ways you can reduce the average cost of an extension.

    average house extension cost

    What Affects the Average Cost of an Extension?

    Several factors go into the cost of your extension. Your build’s size, for example, plays a crucial role. Larger extensions cost more in all ways, although you can get better value per square metre the larger the build is. Additionally, the finish of your extension can make a big difference. An excellent finish can often raise the cost of your build by 40%, although it’ll ensure you’ll get a superb design.

    Building a single-storey extension is often the most affordable option. While you could choose to create a double-storey extension, which could expand your home in more ways than one, that build can be more complicated. As a result, installers will be at your home for longer, the design will be more expensive, and you’ll have to apply for planning permission as well.

    Even the land you build your extension on can affect the price. When you start constructing an extension, you’ll need to lay foundations. However, the soil you install them on can affect the foundations you need. If the soil is damp or unsupportive, you’ll need stronger foundations, meaning your build’s price can go up. It’s best to choose stable ground to build your new extension on.

    Perhaps the biggest effect on the average cost of an extension, though, is the design. You’ll be able to customise your extension, meaning you can design the whole build around your needs. Options like unique doors, solid or tiled roofing, and features like in-built lighting and speaker systems add to the cost. Finding the right price, then, is about finding the right balance for your build.

    cost of small extension

    Cutting the Average Cost of an Extension

    It’s common to see the average cost of an extension climb out of control. However, there are plenty of ways you can cut the cost to make a better investment in expanding your home. For example, you can choose a smaller extension and fit it with more glass. However, an extension’s price can grow per square metre the smaller it is, meaning compromising sometimes isn’t the right call.

    Another way to save is to alter the build route of your extension. While most homeowners hire installers, you could manage the build yourself. Choosing the DIY route can save you around 30%, but it does mean a lot more work and hassle to undertake. As a result, hiring qualified installers usually offers the best value.

    Finding the right installers, in fact, is the best way to cut the average cost of an extension. Big national brands offer a great service, but they charge extortionate prices for it. As a result, you might not get the best deal. However, while local installers often have better prices, they’re more difficult to trust. You never know when you might end up extending your home with a rogue trader.

    But, when you choose an extension through Conservatory Online Prices, the average cost of an extension comes right down. We work with trusted local suppliers across the UK, meaning you’ll find several companies on your doorstep which you can rely on. With them, you can get low travel costs, short wait times and personalised service that ensures you expand your home without the expense.

    average cost of an extension near me

    Average Cost of an Extension Near Me

    With us, the average cost of an extension can be a lot less. Instead of only speaking to one local company, you can connect with several in our network. You’ll be able to compare offers and negotiate with them all, too. Because of this, you might get fantastic deals and bargains for your new house extension that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

    We also make sure that you get superb service every time. We only work with installers who are extensively reviewed and offer market-leading extensions and installation services that go above and beyond. Many of these companies are also Checkatrade and Which? members, certifying the quality of their service.

    If you’d like to find out how much you could cut the average cost of an extension by, get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices today! You can use our online contact form to start the process of expanding your home in minutes, or you can speak to our friendly team by calling 0800 124 4307.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Compare Prices and Save £££s on your home improvements