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    All-Glass Conservatory Design

    An all-glass conservatory can help you create the home of the future. These glass room builds are effortlessly modern, with double glazing in every corner of the design. However, are they right for your home? All-glass spaces open your home up to beautiful natural light and warmth.

    Not only that, but you can customise the area with doors, roofing and accessories that add to the sleek, stylish look. While glass could seem like a gimmick in the past, modern technology has made sure that an all-glass build makes sense for today’s homes.

    For a start, your build will use double glazing as standard. With two panes of glass instead of one, you’ll get much more insulation. Also, you can reduce glare, as the glass lets less harmful lighting into your living space, meaning you don’t go blind sitting in the room in the summer months.

    Because of this, the design is more efficient in how it uses energy, and you lose less as there’s more glass in the way of your home and the outside world. Double glazing isn’t the only option either: you can invest in triple glazing for even more protection.

    All-glass conservatories don’t only feature glazing. You’ll also get uPVC or aluminium frames in the design, which means you’ll gain strength and stability for years to come. These materials are weatherproof too, so rain and wind won’t cause any damage to the frames.

    With double glazing, you’ll be able to keep the water well away from your home, and you’ll take control of your living space’s comfort. And, with an all-glass conservatory, you can create a bespoke design in made-to-measure dimensions that are perfect for you.

    all glass conservatory design

    The Benefits Of An All-Glass Conservatory

    An all-glass conservatory helps you expand the space you have in your home. If you and your family are feeling a little cramped where you are, then a conservatory is much more affordable than moving house. Also, you won’t have to compromise on the design of your new space.

    Rather than search for a home that is a better option, expanding your home allows you to create the room of your dreams. With an all-glass build, you can make a bright and open room that gives you more possibilities to use your home in a new way. For example, it could become an airy social space, or perhaps a dining area.

    With glass around the design, you can open up your home to nature effortlessly. If you have a garden, and you don’t use it as much as you’d like, then a glass design means you always see it, and it’s easier to access. When it comes to your build, you can also choose unique doors which blend in seamlessly with the glazing around it.

    Sliding and bi-fold doors both use full sections of double glazing and slimline frames. When you open them, they almost disappear into the corner of the room, creating a wide-open gateway to your garden.

    Also, you don’t necessarily have to choose an all-glass conservatory. For example, you can add some more solid materials around the build. If there’s something outside you’d rather not see, or you want a little more privacy, you can add a full wall across one of the sides of your design.

    Additionally, you could invest in a dwarf wall, which protects your build from any water underneath and improves stability. That way, you’ll get better insulation and protection, but you’ll still get outstanding views from every angle of your new living space.

    All-Glass Conservatory Design Options

    When you get an all-glass conservatory for your home, there are several ways to make it your own. From the top, you can get a glass roof, which has plenty of glass to give you stunning views above your head. However, glass roofs can sometimes allow through some heat transfer, meaning your room can get too hot or too cold depending on the temperature outside.

    Because of this, you could go for a hybrid roof. One option is a roof lantern, which is a vaulted glass skylight that is surrounded by a small solid section. That way, you get a better balance of light and warmth.

    Another option to improve the design is the doors. Your doors help you connect not only with the outside world but with the rest of your home inside. An all-glass conservatory can sometimes feel separated from the rest of your home, but the right doors make the connection seamless.

    Sliding doors are brilliant connecting doors, as they have a full section of double glazing that lights up the rest of your home when the doors are open or shut. That means your all-glass conservatory can reflect natural warmth everywhere, making your home warmer all year round.

    Another crucial part of the design is the glass itself. With an all-glass conservatory, the whole space is more fragile. Because of this, a stray ball from a neighbour’s garden could become a repair job that costs you thousands. As a result, it’s vital to get glass panels that can withstand anything the world throws at it.

    You can get toughened, or tempered, glass for your build, which uses a pressure manufacturing process so it can withstand up to four times the impacts of standard glazing. Also, with glass safety film, you can reduce the risk of breaks, as well as stress and pressure cracks caused by contrasting temperatures.

    all-glass conservatory cost

    All-Glass Conservatory Blinds

    However, there is one key drawback in an all-glass conservatory. Because the design uses glazing in every corner, it can cause a greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect occurs when energy enters a space but has no room to escape. In a glass build, light and heat bounce around off the glass and back into each other, intensifying the energy.

    As a result, even the best glazing on the market today cannot fully stop this effect. In the summer months, your build could suddenly suffer from stifling temperatures and uncomfortable light, even with glass that reduces glare. One way to get some control over this, though, is by installing conservatory blinds.

    Blinds can help you get back in control of your conservatory, all at the touch of a button. Many modern systems have remote controls, meaning you can close them up when you need to and open them straight away when you don’t. Not only that, but you can use your blinds for added privacy, and to create a more relaxing atmosphere in the room.

    You can get blinds in a range of materials, including light fabrics, coloured material to tint the light that comes in, and more sturdy options that can darken the room considerably.

    Also, as the sun comes into contact with your roof than any other part of the build, you could invest in roof blinds as well. Roof blinds are becoming increasingly popular, helping you use your all-glass conservatory even when the sun is at its peak.

    Many designs come in unique shapes too, meaning you can create beautiful shadows, rather than just darkening the room in equal measure. That way, you get more control and more comfort. Your blinds can also help protect the interior glass panes from heat stress, meaning you could make your build last longer.

    The Cost Of An All-Glass Conservatory

    An all-glass conservatory could be quite expensive. The average cost of a traditional build is around £10,000 but can cost more than that with the extra glass. Full sections of glazing are quite expensive to manufacture, so the price of the build can rise quite quickly. However, there are ways to save money on the design.

    For example, a glass roof is cheaper than a roof lantern to install, and that includes the price of conservatory blinds. As a result, you can invest less in the overall design, but still, get plenty of protection from the sun.

    Another factor in the cost of an all-glass conservatory is who installs it for you. While you might think of national brands first, they’re often not the best on price. A big company has far more overheads to cover, and they’ll charge you to do it. That means you could be paying unnecessary premiums for parts and high travel costs as well.

    Instead of spending all that money, you could go with a local company. However, there are plenty of shady businesses out there who’ll charge a high price for no service at all.

    That’s where Conservatory Online Prices comes in. With us, investing in an all-glass conservatory is easy. We have a trusted network of local suppliers and installers who you can get in contact with through us. Each one is a leader in their local area, and we review them regularly to ensure you work with the best.

    Many of these companies are also Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, so you’ll get a quality conservatory with the installation it deserves.

    all-glass conservatory prices

    All-Glass Conservatory Prices

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