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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Advantages of a Lightweight Conservatory Roof

    With a lightweight conservatory roof, you could change the way you use that space for good. If you want to expand your home, or you have a conservatory already, you could benefit from a modern roof. The roof of these builds comes into more contact with the sun than any other part of the build, meaning getting the right one can have a huge effect.

    Today’s roofs come in a range of durable materials and are fully customisable to suit your new space. You could get a lightweight glass, solid or tiled conservatory roof for a new build, or as a replacement option. And, with a lighter design, they won’t put a strain on any part of your space, ensuring it’ll last for years to come.

    Older roofs often used a single layer of glass or polycarbonate panels in their design. As a result, these thin materials didn’t protect homes from cold weather and bright sunlight. If you’ve just moved into a home with an oid conservatory, you can quickly tell if your roof uses these materials. That’s because, in most cases, these spaces are difficult to use.

    With a modern roof, though, you can capture more of your home’s natural heat, all while blocking cold air away from your home. You could choose robust materials like tiles or solid structures, all of which offer superb strength while being lightweight. They’ll ensure your space won’t suffer from the greenhouse effect, too, making it comfortable throughout the year.

    And, with a lightweight conservatory roof, you can save money for years to come. New builds with these roofs are thermally efficient, helping you cut the cost of your energy bills with ease. Not only that, but you could transform your old space with a brand-new replacement roof too!

    advantages of a lightweight conservatory roof

    The Benefits of a Lightweight Conservatory Roof

    There are two ways to invest in a lightweight conservatory roof. The first is with a brand-new build. With your new design, you’ll be able to choose a roof to suit the space from a range of innovative options. For example, you could invest in roofing with double glazed glass, or choose a solid roof with a skylight or a roof lantern.

    Modern roofs have sleek lines and lightweight materials, meaning they’ll make your space feel bright and airy. Not only that, but you can customise the pitch to suit you, increasing overhead space and helping your conservatory to deal with rainwater. With any lightweight conservatory roof, they’ll offer strength that packs a punch too, meaning it can withstand all weather conditions.

    However, you don’t have to miss out on these modern designs if you have a build from the past. That’s because, with several companies, you can invest in a replacement lightweight conservatory roof for your home. That way, you can choose from the same designs, get the same level of customisation, but pay much less for the build.

    Also, with a lightweight conservatory roof, you’ll make an even better switch. These builds are light enough to fit on any build effortlessly, and it’ll be made-to-measure for your space. Not only that, but they won’t put a strain on the support beams in your conservatory. As a result, you’ll improve your home’s warmth and comfort without compromising on the structure.

    Types of Lightweight Conservatory Roof

    lightweight glass conservatory roof

    Older roofs would use single-glazed glass in their design. However, only one layer of glass is thin. Because of this, both cold and hot air can pass through the glass quickly, reflecting around the build to create an uncomfortable greenhouse effect. It’s often the reason why older builds are too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

    However, you can make sure your new space is always comfortable with a modern, sleek and lightweight glass conservatory roof. With these new designs, you’ll get double glazing as standard. Because they use two panes of glass rather than one, you get much better insulation for your home. Also, you’ll still let natural light pour into your new living space.

    Another advantage of a glass conservatory roof is its weight. Glass doesn’t weigh much at all, meaning it’ll put the least strain on your build. That makes it ideal as a replacement option. If you’re still worried about glare from the sun, you could also choose conservatory roof blinds that add shade when you need it.

    Glass conservatory roofs, though, don’t offer as much performance as you can get with other designs. Double glazing still lets some glare through, meaning that it can struggle on hot summer days. Not only that, but glass can make your space feel a little too exposed to prying eyes. If you want better performance and privacy, though, there are other options to look at.

    lightweight solid conservatory roof

    Firstly, you could benefit massively from a lightweight solid conservatory roof. These roofs don’t use much glass at all – rather, they combine concrete and slate into a highly robust design. With one of these roofs, you’ll get a natural blend with the ceiling in your home, and you can colour match it to suit your space perfectly.

    However, solid roofs perform even better than they look. Thanks to their more robust structure, you’ll get brilliant insulation that means you won’t be at the mercy of nature. Additionally, you’ll get better control of your home’s lighting, and you can add partial glazing or a roof lantern to the design to let the sun come in on your terms.

    A solid roof is also a spectacular replacement option. By adding a ceiling like this, there’ll be no ceiling on the performance of your space. You’ll be able to control your home’s lighting and temperature with ease, helping you use the space every day. Not only that, but you can cut the cost of your energy bills at the same time.

    You could even find that your home feels more quiet and relaxed. That’s because a solid roof offers excellent sound insulation as much as heat insulation. You’ll be able to turn loud traffic and commotion into whispers that won’t distract you. That way, you could use your old space as a relaxing reading room, lounge, or even a guest bedroom should you need one.

    lightweight tiled conservatory roof

    A lightweight tiled conservatory roof, though, is a charming alternative. With a tiled roof, you’ll get a design that makes any conservatory look classy. The roof features lightweight tiles that fit individually, meaning they place over the conservatory with ease. Not only that, but you can place less of them over it if you wish, leaving areas of double glazing to let light enter your home.

    A tiled conservatory roof can make your new space stand out anywhere, too. It’s fully customisable, and you can add unique colours to each tile. That way, you could craft bold patterns, or choose authentic finishes to bring traditional quality to your new space. Either way, tiled roofs are highly durable, ensuring the designs won’t fade.

    Also, tiled conservatory roofs are fully weatherproof. That means the tiles won’t scratch, wear down or lose their shape in wind and rain. Not only that, but the tiles have tiny gaps that allow hot air inside your conservatory to escape. Because of this, you won’t have to deal with stifling temperatures during the summer.

    That’s all on top of the thermal efficiency of tiled roofs. Their superb insulation can help you cut the cost of your energy bills for good, even as a replacement option. They could be the difference between your conservatory being forgotten storage space or the focal point of your home.

    The Cost of a Lightweight Conservatory Roof

    The cost of a lightweight conservatory roof can vary depending on the design you choose. However, it can also vary with other companies. If you buy your new conservatory from a big national brand, you could find you pay more than you need to. That’s because you end up paying high travel costs, and they could charge you premiums on their parts.

    Because of this, the best option is to choose a local installer to save money on a lightweight conservatory roof. But, with local companies, it can be tricky to find one to trust. Some businesses will give you a bad deal for their services, and offer a poor installation. Not only that, but it can take ages to search for them.

    That’s where Conservatory Online Prices can help. We know how frustrating it is to spend your days off trying to find a company to give you a new conservatory roof. Because of this, we’ve created a network of local companies that you can trust. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll put you in touch with them.

    From there, you can speak to several installers in your area to find the best deal for your lightweight conservatory roof. And, with them, you’ll have more control over your budget. They can help you design your new roof to suit all your needs, and they’ll offer a made-to-measure installation. And, as they’re local, you won’t need to pay high travel costs to get them to your doorstep!

    lightweight conservatory roof prices

    Lightweight Conservatory Roof Prices

    To get a quote for a lightweight conservatory roof today, contact Conservatory Online Prices. Use our online contact form or call our friendly team on 0800 124 4307 today, and we’ll put you in touch with our network so you can get the best conservatory prices around.

    Many of the companies we work with are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders too, meaning you can have total peace of mind.

    We look forward to helping you save on your conservatory cost today!

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